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Welcome to Community Grace!

We exist to glorify God by being Christ followers who

make Christ followers!

God calls us to glorify Him by being fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ. This means that we humbly and prayerfully take personal responsibility before God to become more like Jesus Christ. We want to be All-In, 100% sold-out Christ-followers who love Christ with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

God calls us to glorify Him by obeying His Great Commission and make disciples or Christ followers. Clearly it’s difficult to take anyone someplace we’ve never been. That’s why we want to first of all be Christ followers who submit to the Holy Spirit’s work of forming us into the image of Christ. And then while we are growing in Christ, individually and in community, we want to “love our neighbor as ourselves” and make Christ followers or make disciples as God guides and enables us.

Will you join us?

Pastor Roy Chapin

Lead Pastor